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Ketosis365 a healthy perspective...

LauerLogic initiated this project based on our own experience with cutting out sugar radically out of our daily diet. All kinds of poly-sugars like rice, flour and other carbohydrates have cut down to a minimal level to clean out the fatty livers and body storages.  The result are incredible... 

Embracing  the Ketosis365 lifestyle

Millions of people are struggling every day with health issues which are connected to insuline resistance and our abundant energy rich food supply. Often they are not aware of the course or how they can improve there life by changing the "normal" lifestyle and free themselves from the world of advertisement and canned health. 

The proces of losing your vitality and being more vulnerable for many conditions like obesitas, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, auto immune illness, aging, epileptic. It takes many years to derail your health and you can't turn around with more pills or crash diets based on shortages - this makes it worse in the long run.

All diets and exercise programs seem to fail and gaining your health is a struggle if you follow all the confusing gestures with out in-depth knowledge how your body operates. The Ketosis365 is a program with starts with awareness and learning how to start your ketosis proces to "clean out the closets" in your body. The program heal the people who contribute to come to new insights on getting better.  

A promising  healthy future...

This is a promising start and if you stick 8 weeks to a strict diet you will loose a considerable amount more, but no way this is a crash diet. Another useful fact is that if you decide to cheat you can quite easily go back into ketoses. Within 24-48 hours you are back in ketoses. For those who suffer from diabetes 1 & 2 and pregnant wormen or other issues we advice to contact their doctor first. 

Friends, family and acquaintances are quite impressed by our results and want to know more. It is because of this interest we decided to start the Ketosis365 project. To help and guide the way for our followers with tips, recopies, video's, workouts, shopping and such on our website. We are also present on Facebook and Instagram for a multilevel approach.

From a business development perspective

This diet was already 100 years ago prescribed to epileptic patients. Recently this diet, we call it a lifestyle, was picked up by the health industry to serve a much wider public. Currently the Keto diet is a hype, for the simple fact that it has a lot of happy benefits. The diet starts by eating a restricted amount of carbohydrates and zero sugar, except the ones that you cannot avoid. On the other hand you eat more good fats and enzymes. It takes some time to master this way of eating and drinking, but the results are quite rewarding. Only in the first week you already lose a considerable amount of weight, all be it excess fluids.

Right now we are online with and we have room for selling healthy and approved keto and IF products and services on the designated page. We invite you to join us on this journey and help our followers with getting healthier!

Business opportunity

Business analysis is a research discipline for identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems.

Solutions often offer a component for the development of software systems, but can also consist of process improvement, organizational change of strategic planning and policy development.


If you start a business or want to grow further with an existing one, chances are that you need extra money or organize it in a different way.

There are many options and we have the necessary help available. For example, how to approach private investors or where to apply for a subsidy scheme.

Building a team

When building teams, leaders and investors think about the performance and effectiveness of their team members.

However, building effective teams requires more than an abstract commitment to teamwork; it requires clear procedures, tools and systems, as well as balance by inclusion and enhanced input from management to improve them.

 Investors wanted...

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